Saturday, December 31, 2011

Intentions for the new year

I don't say new year's resolutions--perhaps it's my basic curmudgeonliness, or perhaps I just don't think that they work.  New year's resolutions just mean that it's hard to find an exercise bike at the gym in January (I say, sounding as if I go to a gym regularly.  I used to--but January always put me off it).  Instead, I usually make resolutions at my birthday the end of May--it's a much better time for me to assess and set goals.

However, there are some changes I'd like to make, and have decided to take advantage of the calendar page turn to do so.  To that end, here are the two intentions I have:

Three times a week, I intend to get an hour's worth of exercise.  This includes drumming.

Six days a week, I intend to actively do something not school-related.  By active, I mean not passive (ie, tv watching or web-surfing).  Knitting, playing music, sewing, sun salutations in the morning, something. 

I think these are doable goals toward balance.  Do you all have similar intentions?

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