Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I read this article today about blogging at the same time that I have a tab open on my computer to write for a feminist blog.  I still maintain that blogging keeps me productive, as I'm thinking about my work in a lower-stakes environment than more formal places.  Plus, I get a lot from my online interactions--even (especially?) those with people I've never actually met on Twitter or facebook, I've been able to ask for ideas and compare experiences in teaching and grad school.  I've exchanged lesson plans and worksheets.  I've solicited ideas for texts to teach.  My University of Venus blog post got me a guest lecture spot in my department--a poorly attended one, but a good experience and a cv line nonetheless.

That my talk at school was so poorly attended (four people!) may highlight one aspect of online interaction I enjoy--there's an audience!  There's interaction!  As one of my disappointments with my current institution is the lack of face-to-face interaction, having people respond to hashtagged Twitter posts during First Year Comp Chats is nice.  And on facebook, I've been able to "introduce" friends in different places to each other and interact with them all at the same time. 

My other blog is dedicated to my reading list, and I find it a rewarding way to track my progress.  Look at how many posts I made in December!  Maybe I'll get through these lists!  One day!

And I'm sure it's all ultimately vanity-driven, too, but it's good to have an outlet for my words words words. 

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