Sunday, October 4, 2015

Job season! Wabbit season!

I'm trying to frontload as much of the job market work now, so when the applications start coming due in earnest, most of the heavy lifting is already done. To be honest, I've already sent off two applications (!), and there's a decent batch with a 10/15 deadline--so all of this isn't actually all that in advance.

I did revise my job documents pretty substantially this year, to reflect the changes in my teaching that a result of my Brittain Postdoctoral Fellowship, as well as my new position this year as the Assistant Director of the Writing and Communication Program. While I was making this big push for new materials, I bit the bullet and made myself a website to collect all of my job materials. Rather than relying on, which I've been using for several years now, I decided that I wanted my own dedicated web space that I could fully populate the way that I wanted it. has made changes to their website so that it looks more like Facebook. I wanted the content on my primary web presence to be more clearly organized.

Making the website has been quite a learning experience. Not the actual really is user friendly--but in writing introductory text, revising my teaching philosophy, and considering what to include, I had to do some thinking about how I wanted to frame all of the content. Just coming up with a couple of sentences to put on the landing page for my teaching section--it's quite a writing challenge to come up with two sentences with which to introduce my teaching!

I continue to tweak design, alignment, and other small things, and I need more visual elements on the pages, but in general, I'm pretty pleased with the website. I'm very curious to see how much traffic I get, and how useful it ends up being during this job season.