Sunday, April 7, 2013

End of spring break

Spring break is often late here, because we get a long Mardi Gras weekend. Spring break doesn't occur until after Good Friday. I was so ready this year! My intention this past week was to balance work with rest. It wasn't until yesterday that the ton of bricks hit me, probably after spending Friday working straight from 10 in the morning (on a writing date with a friend) to six at night (preparing for our big presentation to the Governor's Commission on anti-bullying initiatives). Yesterday, I collapsed--some sort of combination sinus/migraine headache, terribly sore neck, and nausea. I was so terribly whiny. I stayed in bed until midnight, when I had a miraculous calm in the storm--Mark made me some scrambled eggs which I devoured. Today I was down for the count again. I'm eating, though, and feeling less nauseous. The pain is less, though it's still there. I'm dreading tomorrow--though I'd already planned to spend most of class this week showing a documentary (POV's Stonewall documentary--so good!), but tomorrow I'm on a panel for grad students about communication. Ugh. That's going to take an extra big coffee. And then Tuesday's the presentation. I got the minimum done this week--student paper proposals responded to. Writing done. Started thinking about summer and fall syllabi, and requested a couple of desk copies. The couple of small assignments the professor whose RA I am this semester are done. I've still got bits and pieces to grade, but I'm okay with that. As usual, it shall be a sprint to the finish. I'm thinking I may last until the end of Masterpiece Theater, and then back to sleep.