Thursday, November 1, 2012

#AcWriMo Update

I've been participating in the 14 Day Challenge since Monday, and am a bit surprised at how much of a difference it's making.  Committing to writing at least 30 minutes straight has made me aware of just how easily I back off of my writing--I get to a hard place, and will go play a round of Bejeweled Blitz to try to process the block.  Sometimes this works, and after a game I'll have figured whatever it is out.  However, this week during my blocked off writing time I don't back off, and instead push through the block--or if I really don't know, put something in brackets and keep going.  I can feel physically when I'm moving through an uncomfortable part of writing, through a part I'm less sure about, but several times this pushing through has led me to make the connections perhaps sooner than I would have had I gone and had some time sucked online.

I'm still writing in my usual, casual way at night, and that's still a good way for me to get things like revisions done, because they're often boring and pushing through would just be mean.  I am begrudgingly admitting, though, that this scheduled writing is really useful.  I've got seven pages of my prospectus done, and my conference paper is now a full draft--12 pages, which means I've got some cutting to do, but I feel like I'm in  good place to meet my original goals of having both of these things done by next week.  After that, my next #acwrimo goal is to craft an abstract for PCA.  That's a whole new topic that I haven't done before, so that will probably be slower going.

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