Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wish list

As I slowly work my way through these revisions for my Gaiman chapter, I'm taking a quick break to make a list of all of things I want to do over winter break which have absolutely nothing to do with school:
  • Go dancing
  • Make Christmas cookies with various children
  • Re-read A Little Princess
  • Watch Live Aid 
  • Watch The Homecoming and The Minister's Wife
  • Practice Italian for my trip to Florence in June
  • Decorate for Christmas
  • Finish The Marriage Plot and read Joan Didion's new book
  • Get my nails done
  • See all of my fabulous Ohio friends
  • Find out my nephews' current theories about Santa Claus
  • Go to the gym
That's a good start.  Sigh.  I feel a bit better, writing that down.  Back to feminist readings of Neil Gaiman.

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